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Become the celebrated guests of Lord and Lady Moon at the coveted annual Moonlight Masquerade Charity Gala. When a diamond Tiffany necklace scheduled to be auctioned off at the event mysteriously disappears, it becomes clear that someone present isn't quite what or who they appear to be. But things take a decidedly sinister turn as members of the entourage turn up quite indubitably, irrevocably dead. Could one of the remaining blue-bloods be responsible? Could someone in the audience help solve these heinous crimes? Can the crimes even be solved, or will the entire evening be "Eclipsed"?

Looking for 4 to 6 performers ~14 & Up!

The Characters:

Lady Silver E. Moon: American by birth, educated and raised in England, married into her title. She is imperious, demanding, possessive and extremely jealous.

Lady Luna Cee: A noble Englishwoman by birth, having a small but respectable fortune, and rather tired of the charade.

Lord Cress N. Moon: A poor English nobleman. Vain, self-centered, affected, reckless but ineffectual.

Baron Von Kraterfasse: A titled but impoverished roue, who in face looks remarkably like Lord Moon.

Manfred: The butler. Conventional, class-conscious, cool and detached.

Henrietta Quarter (Hattie): A Texas lawyer with an accent to match. She has street smarts and savvy.


Our casts have spanned from actors with decades of experience to complete newcomers. Even if you don't have experience, our directors will help you nurture your newfound interest and teach you the fundamentals of the stage!


We'll have you fill out an information form and sign a release. Headshots are not required. If needed, we will take your picture or record video of your audition. (If you are under 18, your parent/guardian MUST sign the forms for you.)

The director will typically ask you to read a portion of the script, sometimes alone, sometimes with other auditioning actors, and may have you do some basic acting and/or ice-breaking exercises.


Rehearsals are typically held on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Additional rehearsals may be added if needed at the director's discretion. During the week of performance, Wednesdays are also scheduled as rehearsals. We ask that you please make any potential scheduling conflicts known when you audition. There is a place on the audition form to provide this information.