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The Mammoth in Harmes Way
Written by Kathleen Holen
Directed by Justin Gausman
Set Design/Construction by Daryl Person

Auditions February 19, 2018
Performances will be April 12, 13 & 14

Beth Murray: Jordyn Carey
Carmen Oliva: Donna Behrens
Dr. Robert Hedlund: Isaiah Crossman
Dr. RL Butler: Tom Powers
Tracie McConnell: Becca Martin
Marjorie Adkins: Irene Fleming
Todd Peterson: Mark Crossman
Prof. Jeremy Shane: Dean Behrens
Sheriff Bud Boynton: David Schiefen
Hanna Easterling: Bo Bradley-Thompson

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Cheaper by the Dozen
Adapted by Christopher Sergel
Co-Directed by Justin Gausman & Stacey Martin

Auditions May 15, 2018
Performances will be July 19, 20, 21 and July 26, 27, 28

Mr Frank B. Gilbreth - Tom Powers
Mrs. Lillian M. Gilbreth - Bobbie Janis
Ernestine - Willow Heidebrink
Frank - Oliver Juhl
Anne - Breanna Remington
Martha - Jo Wynia
Lillian - Kira Dermatis
Jackie - Karina Novotny
Bill - C.R. Gates
Fred - Isaiah Cox
Dan - Isaac Gates
Joe Scales/Larry - Zach Cox
Miss Brill - Isabel Meyer
Mrs. Fitzgerald - Betsy Savage
Dr. Burton - Morris Nelson

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By Lisa Patrick-Wilkinson
Auditions September 4, 2018
Performances will be October 19-21